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If you follow my Instagram or Twitter, you will see that I am a huge Liz Earle fan. I adore her stuff!  When I started using their Cleanse & Polish along with a toner and moisturiser from her range, it completely changed my skin. From being a blotchy, covered in patches of psoriasis mess to cleared up, fresh and glowing!  I have had so many compliments from people asking me "what I was doing differently?"  That's why I am... addicted!

I order their sets online from Liz Earle's own website. The sets contain the staples... Cleanse & Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and your choice of moisturiser (Superskin or normal). The set comes to either £45 (if you get the normal moisturiser) or £64 (if you want the Superskin one). Now each set comes with freebies; which is usually a full sized product and quite a few minis. With my last order in May, I got the Sheer Skin Tint as my freebie.

At this point I had not tried any of the makeup from Liz Earle and was really happy to be trying this out of all of her makeup range.

This is what it says on about this product..

Discover enviably radiant skin with our award-winning complexion perfector. With its rich and creamy, yet lightweight formula, Sheer Skin Tint delivers an even, dewy and beautifully natural-looking finish, while offering mineral UV SPF15 protection in one clever product. Enriched with our own blend of natural source vitamin E, borage and avocado, specially selected to work in harmony with our skincare range – this really is the ultimate make up must-have.

I love how this feels on my skin. Fresh and light, it blends beautifully into my skin and really makes me glow. I know I said that her skincare range has done wonders to my skin too. I just think this adds a little extra!  You get natural looking, dewy skin with sheer coverage... It's not a foundation, I feel like I need to say this, as when I have reviewed skin tints in the past I have had a few messages telling me off as I wasn't "clear" about it not being a foundation.

If your looking for full coverage then this isn't for you. It really does even out your skin tone, but if you have spots or any deep pigmentation areas on your face you will have to use a concealer to cover those.

I find myself using this more than any foundations at the moment. My skin is at a point where I don't need loads of coverage, just a little concealer to cover the small spots I get on my chin (which is hormonal). 

The only thing I will say about this product that is sort of negative, is that it doesn't last all day. Because it is very moisturising, it soaks into your skin and I looked 'a little shiny' after 5 or 6 hours. So if you want it to last all day you will also need to add some powder.

This tint comes in three shades...01 Bare (which is the one I have), 02 Beige and 03 Beach.  

Overall, I really love this stuff. It feels really moisturising on my skin, has SPF and gives me a dewy look. I have worn this underneath my heavier full coverage foundations as it is a brilliant primer too. My makeup seems to sit better on my skin with this underneath, as long as I powder! But I usually do that anyway when putting a full coverage foundation over the top.

I still have not done a full review on Liz Earle skincare... that is coming soon!

Have you tried this? What did you think? 

Raych xox


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