Fake Vs Real Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam (on the right) £39 from CultBeauty.co.uk, the fake one (on the left) was from Ebay and was £18.99

I have been trying to start this post for a couple of weeks now; I even did a short YouTube video about it to make sure I covered as much as a could.  I am going to keep the post short and to the point, as you can also watch the video from my YouTube channel for further descriptions (I will link that video at the end of this post).  I am going to make these pictures as large as I can so you can see the details I describe better... so right, let's get started.

On the first picture above, you can see a very slight colour difference between the fake and real palette. The fake is more of a 'washed-out' grey and doesn't have as much glitter on as the real one. Unfortunately on the pictures I took, the difference in colour wasn't as noticeable as it is to the naked eye. Little details like that are why I made a video.

I wanted to take the pictures of the palettes side by side for and easy comparison, but the details that are wrong from the fake one are not very easy to spot at first glance. They are mainly spelling mistakes on the ingredients; especially the French ones.  But there is a key paragraph at the bottom of the palette that describes 'who it was distributed by' and 'where it was made'. A common misconception is that the real palette was made in the USA... it actually wasn't. Sellers use this as a way to suck you into believing it is 'homegrown' (so to speak) and more trustworthy. The genuine article is made in the PRC (People's Republic of China).  So on the back of the fake it looks like the first picture below.

This is the fake one. If you have this palette and you bought it from Ebay or Ali express (or any site like that) and it has the Anastasia Beverly Hills website address then has MADE IN USA written after it... well unfortunately, you have a fake :(

This one below is the real one, you can see after the Anastasia Beverly Hills website address you can see MADE IN PRC.

I wanted to take a picture of them side by side, but it was hard to get a half decent shot with the camera I have! I really need to invest in a new one.

This side by side comparison shows how 'chalky' the fake one (on the left) is compared to the real one (on the right).  It also shows the slight colour differences on the packaging of the palette itself better than the first picture at the top of this post.

You can see the left is a more 'washed out' grey compared to the right.  If you look closer you can see a slight difference in the size of the letters underneath the pans. The left (fake) ones are a little larger than the right (real).

Unfortunately...all of this (except the chalky feeling from the fake highlighters) are hard to spot, unless you have the real one next to it.

The next step was to take one of the highlighters out of the palette and take a picture of the back of it. I chose the shade Hard Candy, the removal of the pan was far too easy from the fake palette and didn't require much effort at all. To remove the pan from the real one I actually had to use the end of a spoon as the magnet was much stronger in the real palette.

This is the fake one. 
Again you can see on the right 'MADE IN THE USA'.

This is the real one. 
You can see on the right 'MADE IN PRC'.

Now onto the swatches!!

The swatches listed from bottom to top :-

'Hard Candy'
'Crushed Pearl'

The first swatches above are from the fake palette. They do have a decent pigment but are so chalky and crumble very easily in the pan. I have tried wearing them as a highlighter and something you notice pretty soon (besides a chalky feeling) is that they just don't last on your skin long. I applied the top shade 'Crushed Pearl' to my cheeks, and there was a lot of fallout, The highlight itself only lasted on my face for a couple of hours.  I have ones from low-end budget brands that have lasted longer.

The swatches listed from bottom to top :-

'Hard Candy'
'Crushed Pearl'

The final swatches are from the real palette. They are so gorgeous and you can see a difference just from the picture! The quality of the highlighters between the fake and the real one is massive! The real highlighters are buttery and just blend beautifully. They have lasted all day on my cheeks, eyes and everywhere else I have used them. They are even more gorgeous when you add a little water on a brush or setting spray. I made an eyeliner with Crushed Pearl and it looked stunning!

I hope I have covered nearly everything about the important comparisons between the fake and real palette. 

The only thing I have not talked about was the actual ebay seller who sold me this palette in the first place. I have of course reported them to ebay and left negative feedback. In response to my feedback they offered me a full refund as long as I 'edited' my feedback. They said they didn't know all of the palettes were fakes and they bought them from a 'trustful supplier'. Their words not mine.

I could give you tonnes of advice on how to spot fakes on ebay before you purchase. 

Here are a few pointers :-

If the price is under half price of what the item would normally be, then it will more than likely be fake. Especially if the seller is selling A LOT of them. I paid £18.99 for the fake palette on this post, the real one retails at £39. Nuff said.

ALWAYS check feedback. Go as far back as 6 months (if not further), because sometimes people will remove or edit their bad feedback if they are offered and accept a refund.

ALWAYS double check the 'wording' in the item description. I have been scammed before with a 'looks like 100% genuine' because I didn't read it correctly the first time.

TRUST your gut, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

If you've got this far...thanks for hanging in there! 

Here is the video I made for my YouTube channel comparing the fake and real palettes.


As a project, I have now decided to purchase a fake item every month from ebay to compare to a genuine make-up item that I already have. First up, I am thinking of ordering a fake Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K to compare to my real one... What do you think?

Raych xoxox


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