Raych Loves....Jeffree Star!

Love this bitch <3

I have decided that every month I will talk about a YouTuber, makeup artist or a fabulous person that I'm in love with.

This month its the gorgeous Jeffree Star!  I have been in love with his velour liquid lipsticks since the original three came out over a year ago now, they really are the best liquid lipsticks I have ever used, you can check them out here.

He started making makeup tutorials on his YouTube a while ago which are great to watch, informative and funny!  I love to watch two or three while I'm in bed or in the bath, he makes me laugh so hard!!

In the year or so since he started Jeffree Star Cosmetics he has released lip scrubs, highlighters and even a gorgeous eyeshadow palette called Beauty Killer!

But overall...I think what I love most about him is that he is genuine, he is true to himself no matter what crap comes his way!!  So many parts of his personality I wish I had...I am so fangirling right now.

This is one of my favourite Jeffree Star tutorials!


Love you girl <3

Raych xox


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