My Other May favourites...

Snazaroo Party Face Paint £14.99, Mr Kipling Angel Slices, Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary £3 , James & Friends Notebook 
£7, Japanese Girl Diary was a gift.

I thought I would show some of my other favourites that are not beauty related, there would be more but I ate them all..

Thought I would start with the Snazaroo set, I love playing with face paint with my daughter, part of me thinks it will keep her away from my makeup..this could be wishful thinking on my part but hey its worth a try!

This set is really good for the money, gives you a chance to try out a lot of their colours and glitters without purchasing the full sizes, also comes with a booklet to show you what to do and brushes to help, we have only done some princess related looks with this which have been heavy on the glitter!

You could do up to 50 faces with this set (it says so on the back) and the quality of the paints is brilliant, so pigmented and they wash off with ease without staining.  I have also tried the glitter gels over my back eyeshadow and it looks amazing!  I may have to "borrow" those Isabella....

I love diaries and notebooks, I have so many for different things, I like to keep track of my moods daily, mainly for me to recognize if I am going low or manic, it really does help me I just feel a little sorry for anyone who reads that notebook..may not be pretty reading!

Diaries are my life, I wouldn't remember anything without them. I have tried using alarms on my iPhone but doesn't work the same for me, I like the routine of checking my diary every day, I'm such a creature of habit.  My most used diary is Sprinkle of Glitter's one, comes with lots of nice advice and tidbits throughout as well as enough room to write appointments, I hate dairies that give you one line to write on for each date.

My Japanese girl and James and Friends diaries are my personal planners...hopes and dreams, planning stuff and like I said above, monitoring moods.  The James and friends one is pretty on the outside but quite basic inside, I don't know why but I expected a little more from Jim Chapman..its pretty but for £7..its not worth it.

And finally...

CAAAAKE! I love this cake! Mr Kipling's Angel Slices taste amazing! Only problem is I cant just stop at one, I end up eating the whole pack...I would say I feel guilty afterwards but its not true!! I'm sorry it would be a favourite things post without my favourite cake, I will probably end up posting about this particular favourite every month.

Well this post was shorter than the last! 
I just wanted to show you all my other monthly loves, I would have added Doritos but there was none left..

Whats your favourites?? Beauty and non beauty.

Raych xox


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