May Beauty Favourites..

Loving so much stuff at the moment, was hard to narrow it down to a few bits and bobs!

I had decided to start doing my monthly favourites again, I am a little late doing May's but it did take me a wee while to decide what to put in.

I will try my hardest to keep this post short and to the point instead of the usual "Raych Ramble"..I really do struggle with that because I get so excited about what I am talking about.

Right lets get started..

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Bath Latte £6, Le Fizz £5 and Double Creme Body Cream £5 from

I have said good and bad things about Zoella's past releases, but I have nothing bad to say about this new Sweet Inspirations range, I love it! It smells amazing and feels fantastic on my skin, I suffer with psoriasis quite bad and this has not triggered a flare up at all.  

I have used this almost every day since I got it and I plan on buying it all again. Only tip I would give people who get the Bath Latte is a little goes a long way, don't be like me who put loads of it in the bath the first time! So many bubbles!

Liz Earle Beauty Cleanse and Polish £26, Instant Boost Skin Tonic £14.50 and Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser £39 all bought from Liz Earle Beauty

I have in the past said that there are many dupes for this range and in a way there is, but I have to admit hand on heart, I have never ever had results like I got from Liz Earle Beauty before, my skin has completely changed in four weeks, it went from being blotchy and dry with patches of psoriasis on my face to being, glowy and clear with some of my deepest wrinkles fading.  I have had people ask me what I'm using and what is so different about my face!

With the results I have had from this brand, I am reluctant to try anything else at the moment, but I am not someone who is flush with cash and the prices of these items individually are quite expensive, but I have found a way of getting the full sizes of the Cleanse and Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the Superskin Moisturiser for a little less than buying them individually.

Liz Earle's own website seems to do offers on sets every month (they have for the past few months) where you can get all three items, plus some other full size items from their range chucked in for £64!!! Now that makes Liz Earle affordable for me! Just to note though, the offers on the Liz Earle website are not available on their counters in John Lewis or on has to be their own stores or online to get the offer.

MAC Cosmetics Caitlyn Jenner lipstick in Finally Free £15.50 at

I fell in love with this lipstick the minute I saw it, I am always after a my lips but better lipstick as I do end up wearing those the most, don't get me wrong I love bright and dark coloured lippies and I wish I had the guts to wear them a little more...But wearable shades like this one are my most used, I think this is a rosy nude that looks really pretty on all skin tones.

But anyway back to this gorgeous shade, like all MAC creamsheen lipsticks it feels really moisturising on my lips and the colour lasts really well even through eating and drinking.

The best thing of all about this lipstick is the full RRP (minus the VAT) will benefit the transgender community in the UK!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Face Ultra-Light Fluid SPF50+ 50ml £12.37 (offer price)

I am a big believer in using sunscreen now, when I was younger I was addicted to sunbeds, for 5 years straight I was on a sunbed almost every single day from age 14! Skin cancer didn't even enter my head until a friend from school got it age 23, after that I never went on a sunbed again.  My skincare routine has always had a SPF included in it, usually SPF 15 or 30, but in the summer months I upgrade it to 50.

Before I settled on this one I had tried one from Hawaiian Tropic, which smelled amazing but broke me out in spots, next one I tried was a Garnier one which was a BB cream too, that too broke me out in spots!  I was browsing La Roche Posay online to repurchase their Serozinc toner (amazing stuff) and came across their suncare range, it was on offer so thought okay I'll give it a shot!  

I am so glad I did, my skin has not reacted in the way it did with the others, and I don't feel like my skin is covered in grease too!  It soaks in quick, there is no real fragrance to it and it works!  So if you are looking for a sunscreen that is high in SPF and doesn't make your face feel like its coated in crap, give this a try.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray 125ml

I have always hated salt sprays, always made my hair feel matted and sticky, until I used this.  I bought this while it was on offer, its quite expensive for a salt spray!  You can buy a smaller bottle which is 50ml for £9.

I have medium length hair so I don't need much, only a couple of sprays, once I have applied I just tease my hair a little for light waves, only takes minutes and I'm done!  That's why I love this so much, I have never been one to spend loads of time on their hair I mostly just tie it up.

I love the beach windswept look which I have only managed thanks to this little bottle, visits to the beach don't make my hair like makes my hair a tatty mess!  So if your looking for a salt spray that doesn't make your hair sticky this is the one for you.

Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest Of The Sea Water Foundation £31.20

I bought this foundation from QVC UK..which was an experience in itself, I will say they have plus points..well plus point not points, they will let you refund used makeup, which is fantastic but doesn't really make up for their post and packaging or the length of time you wait for your item to arrive!  Ive had stuff come from Sephora US quicker than QVC UK!!!  Anyway back to the foundation!!

First time I used this foundation I was in two minds if I liked it or not and now its on my monthly favourites! Tarte say this is a full coverage foundation, which if you really pack it on it is, I just don't like to use it that way.  I will say now though, if you have really dry skin make sure you pack on the moisturiser before applying this!

Now onto why I love blends like a dream for me, no matter how I am applying it, weather its with fingers, brush or a damp beauty blender.  It's light weight and I love wearing it on warm days as it doesn't melt of my face off like most foundations do on me.

I got the shade Light Medium which is also called Sand, its a shade darker than my skin tone but I class it as a summer foundation when I am using fake tan so its perfect for that, I will be buying it in a lighter shade in September.

Frank Body Original Coffee Body Scrub £11.95

I am a coffee addict, I cant stop drinking the stuff so when I came across coffee scrubs I had to have a go!  Just to warn all of you thinking of buying this, its extremely messy so I'll tell you how I use it now...but the first time I applied it..the mess was everywhere.

I wet my skin all over in the bath, then I stand up and rub this all over my body (including face) in a circular motion, once I am evenly covered in coffee I stay standing up for ten mins while it works its magic, I do it this way so it doesn't end up all over my bathroom floor I dance while standing up in the bath!

Once ten mins have passed rinse your skin and you will be left with the softest skin you've ever had!  It will be glowing!  I love this stuff so much, you only need just over a handful for your whole body.  I try to keep this as a treat every fortnight to remove any stubborn fake tan that has lingered.  Fantastic stuff!

St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower £14.50

Finally the last item!  Thank you to anyone who has made it this far in this post!  I promise this is the last thing..

I wasn't ever a big fake tan person (years ago sunbeds were my thing), I would do it in the summer and that's it, I never show my legs off as it is so I never saw the point of suffering through fiddly fake tans.  I saw this advertised in a mag and was sceptical if this would work..

So I bought it anyway!  I was so scared the first time I used it I thought I'm going to look like an oompa loompa!  Its really easy to use...wash you skin like you normally would, then step out of the shower and apply this all over (quick note..I put this on my face after exfoliating and it did burn a little so I wouldn't recommend scrubbing your face first then applying this there) I start from the bottom and work my way up, finishing with my hands, I then wipe the palms of my hands and dance around for 3 mins!

Once your 3 mins are done and dusted jump back in the shower and rinse your skin, then gently pat your skin dry. Like most tans this takes a few hours to develop so if you want to use this before a night out it doesn't work like that.

You get a gorgeous albeit very light glow after just one use, sun kissed is probably a better description.  I use it for 3 days in a row which ends up giving me a lovely light tan (I wont risk going any darker, it doesn't suit me I think)  You do still get the biscuitty tan smell with this, especially after a few hours, but that doesn't bother me that much to be honest.

The main reason this is on my May favourites is because its a fool proof tan, its never streaked on me, it doesn't make a mess of my bedding or my bathroom shower curtain!!  The only mishap I've had with this is my son (he's 14) not reading the bottle and mistaking it for normal shower gel..he went to school the next day with a sun kissed glow and got an earful of me for using half a bottle!

Wow....All finished! I know I promised I wouldn't make this a Raych Ramble...I did try my best!

I have got a non beauty favourites to post too so I'm hoping I will get that done in the next couple of days or so.

Is anything I have talked about here your favourite too?  Would love to hear!

Raych xox


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