I got one FINALLY! Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K

Kylie Lip Kit Matte Liquid Lipstick in Koko K...$29 plus $14.95 international shipping from KylieCosmetics.com... costs £33.08 in British money...also one quick thing before I forget...you may (more than likely to be honest) be hit with a "customs charge for this...I got charged £11! So in total this lip kit cost £44.08!!!!

I have been after a lip kit for so long, I almost gave up!  But I do have Kylie's app and she promised a restock within an hour of the post, so I sat there ready, and was lucky enough (after many site crashes) to bag one of them.  My choice fell on Koko K, a gorgeous pinky nude, I was going to get Dolce K but thought it was too similar to Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Skin and really wanted to try something I hadn't had before.

Bottom swatch is the lip pencil, top is the liquid lipstick.

I put the liner on first which went on so smoothly, glides on like butter and doesn't cling to any dry skin patches on your lips, you can wear this on its own or with a gloss over it its just as pretty.  I don't really think this stops the lipstick from bleeding that much, I find only some concealer really stops that, but it does stop me making a right mess!  I am so bad when applying liquid lipsticks sometimes...can end up looking like a clown.

The lipstick has a doe foot applicator, which makes application really easy, the formula is really light, almost slightly watery compared to Jeffree Star's lipsticks, I am not saying that's a bad thing, I just found it weird in a matte lipstick, most I have tried have all been quite "heavy" on application.  It does have a heavy butterscotch or vanilla scent to it which at  first I thought was alright, but now its kind of sickly whenever I apply it, but it still wont stop me wearing this.

Once I have applied it, a few mins later its dry and I'm ready to get on with my day, it does last a good few hours before it needs a retouch (maybe 3 ish, depending on what you are doing with your mouth....).  As for the colour, I love it on my lips, at first I thought it would be way too light for me and wash me out!  It's a really pretty pinky nude...I am sorry I am terrible at describing colours!

I don't think the formula of this lipstick is like any other I have tried, I have heard rumours saying this is just repackaged Colorpop liquid lipsticks, well I can tell you now that's total crap, I own quite a few of the Colorpop lipsticks and the formula is nothing like the Kylie ones.

Now on to the bad bits...and I can only think of one for now which is the cost to us folks outside of the USA..I don't know customs policies for other countries but ours in the UK is awful, we get a customs charge on most things that we order from abroad, sometimes we can get lucky and it will dodge them but most of the time we are not.  If you include the price of the lip kit, then the shipping, then the customs charge as well as expenses getting to the post office collections centre...this lipstick and liner costs us brits almost £45! Which is $60!

Now I know that customs charges are not Kylie's fault, I would just love them to realise we have to pay for this item twice, so maybe give us a break on the postage cost?? Long shot I know but I had to say it!

Overall I love this lip kit, the packaging is gorgeous, the lipstick is beautiful and the liner is creamy, I just don't know if I can afford to keep buying them, when I can buy 3 MAC lipsticks for the cost of one Kylie Lip Kit....

What do you think? Have you tried them yet?

Raych xoxo

PS I have made the pics of this post larger than I usually would, do you think they look better this big? Or is the "usual" size I use better?  Please let me know x


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