Zoella's New Range!! Sweet Inspirations...Love you!

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Range...from left to right..
Zoella Beauty Life is Sweet Beauty Bag...£6.00 
Zoella Beauty Double Creme Body Lotion 186g...£5.00
Zoella Beauty Bath Latte 400ml...£6.00
I bought all of them from FeelUnique.com

When I watched a vlog from Zoella announcing she was releasing a new line in her Zoella Beauty I promised myself I wasn't going to buy it.  I have liked her past ranges but I didn't think they were worth the price they were getting sold at, I could buy Soap and Glory stuff for the same price and that's amazing...but I have ALWAYS been sucker for packaging and how the stuff looks, once I saw this range fully I knew I was going to buy it.  I love the fonts that were used on all of the range, so pretty. 

I have always thought the bags Zoella released in her various ranges were the best part of the entire range, I "almost" have all of them, I love the small ones for in my handbag for money and for a few little bits of makeup.  The little bag in this range is called Life is Sweet, its a gorgeous little purse/bag with "scalloped" edges...not sure if that is the right word or not, but I've been sat here thinking about a description and that's all I could come up with, besides pretty.

The other two items I got were a bubble bath/shower gel and a body lotion, I have not had great luck with Zoella's other bubble baths from her past releases as I found they smelled amazing but dried my skin out, the tutti fruity range body lotion and bubble bath were the worst offenders!  I would use them for a few days and my skin would be patchy and my psoriasis would spread.

In this range, the body cream is called Double Creme and it has the same fragrance as the Bath Latte, its quite hard to describe the scent, its very sweet but not overpoweringly so, I can smell the honey and almond milk it really is a gorgeous combination.

Double Creme body lotion soaks into my skin without loads of rubbing, its like my skin is sucking it in!  I feel moisturised and I smell amazing, that was another surprise in this collection, the other ones scent didn't last too long on your skin but sweet inspirations does!  I have had people ask me what perfume I am wearing after using the Bath Latte and Double Creme body cream.

The bubble bath and shower gel is called Bath Latte and looks and smells amazing, I know I have mentioned enough now that I love the smell but I thought I would say it again! I love the packaging on this, it looks like a milk bottle but the print and design of it is very art deco, I really want to keep the bottle once I have used it all and spray paint it gold, stick some flowers in it and stick it on my mantelpiece!! It will look so good!

Overall I am in love with this latest collection from Zoella, I have not tried it all and I am waiting on some bits and bobs from Feel Unique...The Candy Clutch Beauty Bag and the Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules, I cant wait for those to arrive.  I may also buy the perfume and the fizz bar eventually.

I truly believe this is a more "grown up" collection from Zoella, I feel like I could buy this for my mum and she wouldn't look at me like I was mad.

This range is available from Superdrug stores (6th June) and now from FeelUnique.com and Superdrug.com

Raych xoxo


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