RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum..

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum...£29.74 on Amazon.co.uk

First post in a while (again)... Even though I have so many things to blog about I am struggling with motivation at the moment. My mood has not been great and I'm probably at the tail end of a depressive mood phase, but hopefully it will pass soon.

Right, I'll shut up now about what's going on and start talking about this fab serum. At first I thought this was just a fad, never thought it would work and after looking at the price, I considered it a rip off. So I forgot about it. It was only after seeing a video recently on YouTube by Miss Budget Beauty that I was persuaded this was something I really should try.

In the late 90's... like most people my age back then, we all tweezed our poor eyebrows into oblivion! I literally had two little lines left after all that tweezing. By the way if you are a teenage girl and you're thinking about tweezing, waxing or threading your eyebrows to tidy them up... PLEASE DON'T! They are perfect how they are.

So I bought this serum and was secretly praying it would work. I listened to Miss Budget Beauty, about not to expect results instantly and to persevere. I apply it first thing in the morning with the spooley after my morning skincare routine, then I do the same in the evening.

I have now been using this for 5 weeks, and I can tell you without any doubt that this works. My eyebrows in the last week or so have grown so much, they are much thicker than they were. I am a little bit of an idiot as I didn't take a picture before I tidied them up again. But I did have hair growing towards my eyelid so they did need the tidy!

This is what they look like at the moment after a light "tidy"..

They must still look really thin but compared to what I originally had, the difference is amazing!  Before I tidied them I had hair growing patchy down to my eyelid.

Overall I love this serum and hen I can afford it, I intend to buy their eyelash serum too. I am going to keep using this and promise I will take better pictures in future. The number one thing you need to remember when using this is that it does take time. Some people say a month and some say two, but definitely worth a go!

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Raych xoxoxo


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