Lush Cosmetics American Cream Conditioner...

Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner 500g....£14.95 from Lush Cosmetics.

I do have a little bit of a love hate relationship with Lush stuff, some of their products I absolutely adore Ocean Salt, Hair Doctor (which at the moment you cannot buy!! Lush are refusing to say if it has been discontinued) and the face mask Catastrophe Cosmetic. There are more but this would turn into a very long post!

I had considered buying this conditioner for a while but I have always looked at the price and reasoned that Ojon's Damage Reverse was a better buy as that's only a little bit more expensive than this one and I've always loved Ojon conditioners, they change straw into silk!

But I was in Lush and finally decided to give it a try, Lush sell this conditioner as packed full of goodness to cleanse your hair as well as soften it and calm your scalp, it also claims that the orange juice that is contained in it adds gloss since i
"Its acidity makes the hairs' cuticles lie flat and allows it to reflect more light".  Lush do "How its made" videos on YouTube which are great to watch, here is the American Cream How its made..


After using this on my hair the first time, I noticed my hair was lovely and soft and once it had dried it was really shiny, I was really impressed....but the one thing that put me off was the smell, when you smell it in the bottle its gorgeous, but its really overpowering when its on your head following you around!

I know loads of people who have tried this and love the scent but for me its just way too overpowering, which is such a pity as I love the formula, my hair feels so soft and when I use my hair straighteners on it after using this conditioner they glide through my hair and it doesn't take as long to straighten!

So I thought of another way I can get the same gorgeously soft and shiny hair without the smell being so overpowering...I started using the conditioner as a pre treatment, I would put this on the lengths of my hair and focus on the ends, then tie it up and put a shower cap on.  I would leave this treatment on from 20 mins to over a couple of hours, then I would wash and condition my hair with a different conditioner.

The smell is still there a little but nowhere near as overpowering as it was, and you do get the same gorgeous soft and shiny hair doing it this way.  Overall this is a fantastic conditioner that does what it says on the bottle...if you like strong smelling hair products, you will love the smell of this.  If you don't or are not sure, Lush do give out small samples for you to try if you would like to try before you pay so much for a conditioner.

Have you tried American Cream? Did you love or hate the scent? Let me know.

Raych xoxox


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