Hello Kitty by OPI Collectors Edition..

I have to admit...I have a bit of a Hello Kitty addiction!  I find it hard not to buy everything I find with this little kitties face on, from tablet covers to china mugs I own a lot of Hello Kitty stuff.  When I saw my favourite nail brand OPI had released a range with Hello Kitty I may have shrieked a little.

It took me a couple of months after its release to actually get around to purchasing this set, there are two sets that I have seen in the Hello Kitty range, one is the miniature bottles which I have tried to get but have been sold out of the places I have looked. There is also a set with just three of the full size polishes too, as well as being able to buy them individually.

I wanted to see the nail polishes in the flesh before purchasing..more just to be able to choose individual shades rather than a set, well that was my original plan anyway.

So one day I was in my local Sally's and right at the entrance was the Hello Kitty OPI Collectors Edition!!! I ran right over and I was in love with this set from the second I looked at it, not only were the 6 shades in the set wearable and gorgeous, the box it came with was beautiful too, it even converted into a stage for the polishes with a Hello Kitty theme.

The shades are..from left to right :- (picture on the left)

Kitty White, Let's Be Friends, Look At My Bow, Starry - Eyed for Dear Daniel, 5 Apples Tall and Never Have Too Mani Friends. 

As for the quality of the nail polishes, they are the same quality you expect from OPI, long lasting and easy to apply as well as beautiful colours.

I don't have any negatives for this set at all, but I will tell you about a stupid mistake I made just in case any of you spot this in Sally's..if you don't have a trade card this will be more expensive than it says on the price, I paid a whopping £62 for this!  The worst thing after paying that price...was finding that QVC UK are selling it for £34.50!  Just want to add that as of the time of this post there is a wait list on their website for this set.  I have spotted a couple more sets on EBay for around £44, but the best advice I can give for this is to sign up for QVC UK's wait list and just do searches every now and again for it.

I have put a few pictures of me wearing some of the polishes over on my Instagram account, which is called Raychlovesbeauty, you may have to scroll down a little, I think out of all the shades, the pink one which is called Look At My Bow is my overall favourite, especially when you put a coat of Starry-Eyed For Dear Daniel over the top.

Have you got this set? What do you think of it??

Raych xoxoxo


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