So disappointed!...Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara...


Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara...I bought mine from for £ has now been reduced to £5.99.

I wanted to get this review up as soon as possible, but it's a little later than I had planned!  

I am going to get straight into it, I... hate... this... mascara! Really I mean it, I feel so disappointed as Maybelline have some of the best drugstore/budget mascaras out there, so I expected great things from this one too.

I have taken pictures of me wearing it, with one coat and then two, I will show them a little further down the post, but first I'll explain myself :)

I was so excited to get this...It has been out in the USA for a while and when I saw a picture of it on the Maybelline US website I was going to ask a friend to send one over, so glad I didn't do that now as I would have felt awful making a bad review of something she would have kindly sent me. what is it I don't like?

First of all the's very wet and feels really heavy on your lashes. I have read that the mascara contains a "Styling Wax", so I am wondering if its that which is making the mascara feel so heavy on my lashes. To be honest if it was just the heaviness I could live with that.

When I applied the first coat I felt the wand was very hard and didn't separate the lashes well, with the formula being so wet my lashes started sticking together after a few minutes of applying..

I was waiting for an age for this mascara to dry after the first coat, which after a full 5 minutes, wasn't happening.  The mascara was working its way onto my eyelid when I blinked too!!!

Then after applying a second coat I knew I hated it! It gave me the 'spider legs' look and after a few more minutes the lashes stuck together more, felt even heavier than the first coat and I couldn't wait to get it off! But I left it on for an hour just to see if it dried properly and after a full hour it was 'still' a little damp. I looked a mess!

It took me a good 5 minutes to get this mascara off and I only put it on one eye, I used my Bioderma Micelle Water and a hot flannel to remove it.

So overall I would recommend you 'don't' waste your money on this awful mascara, I have tried Poundland ones which have been so better than this or maybe try Maybelline's Lash Sensational which is amazing. Quite how they can get one so right and another so wrong is just weird. 

Sorry if I have been a wee bit blunt about this mascara...I don't want anyone wasting money on it.  Have you tried it??? Let me know what you think.

Raych xoxoox


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