New Bits & Bobs....Birch Lea Soaperie

I placed an order a few days ago with a new company I had found on Instagram called Birch Lea Soaperie.  It was created by a wife and mum who wanted to work from home :)  I had ordered Lavender & Camomile Bath Melts (£5.00) Strawberry & Champagne Sugar Scrub (£6.00) Mint & Rosemary Soap (£3.50)

I came across this business around Christmas, I had wanted to place and order right away but was having to watch the pennies until payday!

I have taken this from their website, it explains what type of business they are...

I am a wife and a mum to 2 little boys. The love for my family and desire to work from home has been my motivation to start my own soap business and ever since my first attempt at combining scents, colours, botanicals and generally playing around with different ingredients to make lovely soaps I have never looked back - I absolutely love it!

This passion leads to lovingly crafted soaps and skin care products that I take great pride in and that I think you will see in the quality. 

Everything I sell is handmade from scratch using natural and sustainably sourced ingredients - because I care about the welfare of the wildlife living in the forests where palm oil is farmed! And there is definitely NO animal testing involved.

My ingredients have been specifically chosen for their cleansing and nourishing properties, and essential oils added for a therapeutic and wonderfully fragrant experience. 

The name Birch Lea Soaperie is dedicated to the house where I grew up which my dad built. There are beautiful birch trees in the garden and lea means meadow, plus birch essential oil is a lovely additive to cosmetic products, and lea represents my name - all reasons which made for ideal inspiration for my company name!

All my products have been assessed for safe use and have a cosmetic product safety report, as per the regulations covering the manufacture and sale of cosmetic products.

I have been using the lovely bits I got for a couple of days, and so far I am loving them!  Especially the Sugar Scrub which made my skin glow afterwards, and it left behind an oil on my skin which made shaving so much easier!  Actually didn't end up cutting myself by accident for a change!  

I have even used the sugar scrub on my face, its a little rough for it but I did want to try it there.  The scent I got is called Strawberry & Champagne, it smells divine!  Like you could really eat it, I think the only thing I don't like about the sugar scrubs is the size of the pots, I would prefer bigger pots as I use quite a lot!  I know the price would increase...but I am willing to pay it.

I have used the soap once and really liked it but don't feel I can give a review until I've used it for longer, as my psoriasis can react to soaps and want to see if that happens first.  I have used the bath melts twice and loved their smell and the oil that disperses in the water, feel like my skin is being fed and its lovely and soft when I climb out...Just a word to the wise though, please make sure you climb out slowly as it will make your bath very slippy, I fell over.  But so far I am loving the bath melts and I do plan on buying more.

Have you tried Birch Lea Soaperie? What do you think about natural bath and shower products?

Raych xoxoxo


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