Maybelline Baby Lips Balm and Blush in Innocent Peach x

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm and Blush In Innocent Peach £4.99 in Superdrug

Another day another Maybelline review!  Only this one is better, well sort of.

First thoughts I had about this? I saw it as double of an EOS lip balm, the only difference is that Maybelline say you can use this on your cheeks as a blush.  I'll get into that greasy disaster in a second :O

I love the Baby Lips range, love the colours and "flavours" they smell amazing and make my lips super soft whilst leaving a hint of colour on them, there is a cherry one in particular that's my favourite! I could smell that one all day..I am strange!

The one I bought is called 01 Innocent Peach, and it does have a very faint smell of peaches, doesn't seem as potent in fragrance as the other Baby Lips balms though.  As a lip balm this feels alright, doesn't give you much colour and the formula compared to the other Baby Lips balms feels a little thinner, it does make them feel soft and I have used it after giving my old lips a good scrub, it does the job in moisturising.

Now onto the cheeks...I hated this on my cheeks, it left barely any colour to be considered a "blush" and even just the tiniest bit made my face feel really greasy, and believe me my face doesn't need anymore grease on it.

Overall this is a nice lip balm but it's not great on colour like the other Baby Lips balms, and definitely not good on your cheeks especially if your skin is oily or combination.  Maybe if your skin was very dry this would work but from everyone I have spoke to they don't like using this as a blush.  I wont be buying anymore shades from this Baby Lips range, but I will still use this as a balm, I may give it to my daughter to stop her going after my more expensive lipsticks..hey that could work!

Do you own one of these? What did you think??
Let me know :))
Raych xoxoxox


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