Estee Lauder Kendall Jenner Matte Lipstick in Restless..Love this lippy! x

Kendall Jenner's gorgeous lippy from Estee Lauder in the shade Restless...After double checking today, it looks like you cant get this anymore, so I would love to know of any dupes of this, please comment below :)  I do think Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Coral is close to this, you can view it here.

I have been a little slow posting about what I got for my birthday and Christmas, and I feel a little bad posting about something you cant really buy of Estee Lauder anymore..but I wanted to show you all in case anyone could find a decent dupe!  And plus I love this lipstick so much I just NEED to talk about it!

First of all the packaging is gorgeous, with Kendall's "signature" printed on the bottom of the tube makes it stand out a little when mixed in with my other lipsticks, also the tube itself is magnetic so the lid stays on.  Ive had so much trouble with lipstick lids coming loose in my handbag, happened to a Radley bag I had once...destroyed the lining, could cry about it now!!  

It would be fantastic if all lippies would come with magnetic fastening, I am assuming this is a feature from Estee Lauder's Pure Color Envy lipsticks, I've not had any other lippies from Estee Lauder so I could be wrong on that. 

Now as for the lipstick....WOW!!  It's gorgeous, it glides on and has a faint smell of vanilla, I keep stopping to sniff it over and over...okay that makes me sound rather weird, I get my fix of smelling lipsticks!

I just realised in my excitement of talking about the smell of this lippy I forgot to talk about the most important thing, the colour...  its a orange(y) red with neutral undertones, I think it looks gorgeous on me with a coral blush, I use Benefit Cosmetics Coralista, it is a matte but doesn't stick to your lips, it glides on like a butter and didn't make my lips look all cracked and dry once I took it off.  Its so pigmented you only need to use a small amount instead of layering it on, even less if you use a lip brush.

I know for one lipstick this has been a very long post! Especially for one that you technically cant buy anymore!  I just really wanted to show it to you all, and maybe you can find some dupes??

Do you own this?  Or have you got a good dupe?
Let me know :)

Raych xoxox


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