Very Berry and Purple Shades of lipstick and gloss...all ready for winter!

Sorting out my winter lippies! I've labelled what they're called underneath. Unfortunately you'll need to click on the picture and zoom in see the writing as I had a bit of a mishap with my photo editing software (count to ten Rach).

I like to sort out my makeup now and again and always stumble across something I had forgotten about! The only problem I find though is that I start messing around with it, and so don't end up getting much actual sorting done!

After such messing around this time, I finally got some of my berry and purple shades together. But not all of them though as I just couldn't decide if some were 'wintery' enough.

These are the swatches I made of the lipsticks in the pictures at the top of the post. I had them all labelled before my laptop turned itself off and I lost all the work (lesson learned). They are in the same order as in the pictures.

I do love winter, it's far and away my favourite time of year. The colours, the freshness, the smell of hot chocolate, Christmas dinner, mmm yum! I tend to wear more satin lipsticks at this time of year as I think they genuinely condition your lips better in the harshness of winter, preventing them from getting really dry. I add a little bit of Homeoplasmine underneath just to give my poor old lips a treat (try it).

I wear matte ones if I am out all day and don't want to be carrying around loads of lipstick, I love the Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipsticks; Unicorn Blood is a deep berry red that looks gorgeous this time of year. There's a swatch of it above in the left picture at the bottom, next to it is a swatch of Lime Crime Wicked which looks exactly the same, but the formula isn't nearly as good as Unicorn Blood (love that name).

As I am writing this I'm trying out all these lipsticks again. I cant help it, I love swatching (not apologising). But for my sins, my arms are berry coloured now!

Just wanted to share my 'collection so far' of winter lipsticks. Makes me want even more (at least it's Christmas soon)!

Do you like my collection???  Would love to see yours?

Raych xoxoxo


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