The Blushed Nudes Palette from Maybelline New York

The Blushed Nudes from Maybelline New York...£10.95 from can get this from EBay too.

I love Maybelline eyeshadows..some are hit and miss but that's the same for most cosmetic companies.  I have loved the first Nude palette from Maybelline,  now this palette has not been "officially" released by Maybelline in the UK yet..that annoys me a lot that America get everything first!  But you can buy this if you search around on Amazon and EBay.

Here are the swatches......

Left pic is the bottom row, right is the top row.

There are 2 mattes in this palette, as well as some that I would consider semi matte they have a few flecks of shimmer in.  But mostly this palette contains shimmer shades which tend to swatch a lot better than the mattes.  When I was using them I found the mattes to be very dry and chalky, they didn't apply very well I had to layer them on to get the proper shade.  All my swatches have eyeshadow primer underneath.

The shimmer shades in this palette are really beautiful, creamy and blend brilliantly with very little fallout.  I do wish they had named the shades in this palette, would have been so much easier to list my favourites!  I am actually thinking is there a easy way of removing my favourite shades from this palette and sticking them in a Z palette without smashing the original one to bits....let me know if you have an easy removal trick please :)

On the back of the palette there is some instructions on how to group together the eyeshadows in quads, trios and duos.  I have tried all four looks and they really are great, with all the instructions gathered together you can get 13 looks out of the that is according to Maybelline.

Overall I really do love this palette, well 90% of it, I think the original "The Nudes" one has some brilliant eyeshadows in it, I do think the matte ones in that palette are a little better than this one though.

I have just one little wish Maybelline....Please start releasing stuff over here in the UK the same time as America!

So have you tried this palette? love or hate?

Raych xoxoxox


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