Tanya Burr Cosmetics Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Pallete

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette
£10.00 in Superdrug

After what I thought about the other Tanya Burr eyeshadow palettes, I decided I wasn't going to buy any more that she released. But once I saw this beauty, I just had to buy it. This one has a lipgloss which is named Daydream, a blush and also a bronzer, all of which I will have swatches for below.

I will try to keep this review quick and to the point instead of a massive essay! Right, I've swatched the whole palette and here is a pic...

I did the swatches top to bottom and left to right in the palette. The names starting from the bottom of my arm are :-
Snowflake, Chandelier, Plumberry, Creme Brulee, Date Night in Paris, Ballet Slippers, Baking Brownies, Teddy Bear and Starry Night. Then the final two swatches are of the blush and bronzer called Pretty Peony and Beach Bronze.

I simply adore these colours; all wintery and perfect for christmas. I think my favourite shade out of them all is the dark berry shade called Plumberry, which is a gorgeous burgundy! There are 5 matte shades and 4 shimmers. I am impressed with the pigment of the matte ones as they are not always a great quality with budget brands.

I like this palette far more than her other ones. I don't know if she has changed the formula of the eyeshadows but these are much more pigmented, blend easily and are not chalky or feel like talc. I have used a primer underneath these swatches and do think that helped a little. But they definitely appeared a better quality than the other ones. But I am starting to think I might have been wrong about the other eyeshadow palettes from Tanya.

I have bought Tanya's other blush and bronzer palettes a few weeks ago and I love them so much. The bronzers are amazing and I have used them loads. They also contain a really pretty highlighter too, but never mind as they are for a separate blog post that I will do soon.

The blush in this palette is a peachy pink shade, it doesn't have any shimmer added and blends easily. It's also lovely as an eyeshadow too. The bronzer is almost matte and does have the smallest amount of shimmer, which appears really faint. I have contoured with this and its quite good, although completely matte shades are much better for contouring.

Now onto the lipgloss; its called Daydream and you get 5ml of it in this set. It just adds a glaze to whatever lipstick your wearing. Now I have put this on top of a few eyeshadows to give me that shiny look and its perfect for that, albeit a little greasy as the day goes on. I have applied this with a brush over my favourite matte red lipstick Ruby Woo and it looks amazing.

Overall, I am in love with this palette; from its packaging to the makeup inside it I just love it. I think for the price this palette is brilliant, especially as her normal eyeshadow palettes are £6 for one quad and with this set you get 9 eyeshadows, a blush and bronzer and a lipgloss all for £10! I think I will buy another one actually!

I want more Tanya! Please!

Have you bought this? What did you think?

Raych xoxoxo


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