Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid Foundation...long post alert!

Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid in 10 Ivory...£7.99 from

This is the first foundation I have bought from Maybelline for such a long time, in fact I can't remember..I bought this one as I fancied a change from my usual Revlon and Bourjois foundations, they have been my long time drugstore/chemist favourites.

This is what Maybelline say about this foundation..

"100% poreless look
Air-brush finish
Full yet lightweight coverage
Ultra-bendable, comfortable texture
Satin perfect, luminous finish
Hybrid air-whipped liquid formula has the light airy feel of a mousse with the blendability of a liquid. Formula contains amino-acid treated pigments that help unify the complexion."

I love the feel from this foundation, it feels so light and I'm shocked at how much coverage this gives with that in mind.  I use a damp sponge to apply which gives a flawless finish but using a brush is alright too.  I have really bad panda eyes which usually requires half a tonne of the strongest concealer known to man!  But I find if I apply this first I only need to use a small amount of concealer, which is a small miracle.

I do usually buy more than one shade of foundation when buying budget ones as I can never find the exact shade that matches me, but this time I have just bought the one shade which is 10 Ivory, seems to fit my skin perfectly.  It also contains SPF of 13.

As for overall coverage, I would say its build able but a light "coat" will give you a medium coverage.  Maybelline claim that you get a poreless finish with this foundation and I can tell you its true, well mostly!  I do have some rather large pores so I tend to put some Maybelline Baby Skin first..I have renamed that Skin Polyfilla, covers my frown lines perfectly!

I love a dewy fresh finish with my foundation so I don't tend to powder a lot but if I'm going out I add a small amount of powder on top.  The powder makes the foundation last most of the day without looking cakey, that's why I am rather scared of using a lot of powder!  The amount of times I've gone out with cakey looking foundation, I should dig out some pics to show you all the horrors!

Really I have made this post too long and I've gone on and on! 

Overall..I really like this foundation, coverage is good and looks rather natural and it can last for a while without powder and all day with it.  Applies easily with fingers, sponge or brush.  Only one thing I don't like and its the glass bottle, I am so clumsy and this will go the way of my MAC concealer..smashed :(  fingers crossed I don't!

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Raych xoxox


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