Fleur De Force Beauty :)

The items I got from Fleur's collection are:-
Cosmetic Bag
Eyeshadow Quads in 010 Cosmic Bronze and 020 Lunar Rose
Lipgloss in 020 Written in the Stars.
All available on FeelUnique.com

I bought all of these a good few weeks ago now, Ive been using them all of that time so feel ready to review!  I thought I would keep it short..or at least try to!  My overall feelings about this range are really good, I feel like Fleur has taken her time and come out with some gorgeous stuff, I really cant wait for her to release more!  I also have her book called The Glam Guide, its my favourite beauty book from a blogger so far!

Right lets get started..

Fleur De Force Eyeshadow Quad 6g in Cosmic Bronze and Lunar Rose.

£7.99 each from Feel Unique

Left is 020 Lunar Rose and right is 010 Cosmic Bronze...and unfortunately one shade in Lunar Rose is broken...

Left is 010 Cosmic Bronze and right is 020 Lunar Rose

I really do love the eyeshadows, they are creamy and apply and blend really easily, the mattes included in that statement... Well the darker mattes anyway...the shimmers are gorgeous, the only problem I have with these palettes is that they are pretty much identical!!!! 

I would have loved a darker shade quad....but overall quality of the eyeshadows is brilliant. 020 Lunar Rose does look slightly different on Feel Unique's website compared to what you actually get.

Fleur De Force Lipgloss in 020 Written in the Stars

£6.99 from Feel Unique

I love this lipgloss, the colour is gorgeous it gives a lot of coverage...which is brilliant for a lipgloss.  I think this shade is a "Your lips but better" shade.

It is vanilla scented, but its not too strong, I usually don't like cosmetics that are heavily scented but this is really nice.

According to Fleur's description on Feel Unique...the lipgloss is a cross between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss, which is why it has really good coverage and high shine.

Overall...I really do like this lipgloss and plan to buy more shades when I get enough in the bank!  Fleur has made 6 shades in total.

Fleur De Force Cosmetic Bag

£8.99 from Feel Unique

I have bought lots beauty blogger makeup bags! I have loads from Zoella's collection, which are really pretty, but the quality isn't much they are not really anything special, but this one is so pretty and so well made, its lined and has a faux leather feel..its quite big you can fit a lot of makeup in here, and shampoo's conditioners, shower gels LOTS!  The zip looks like its made of rose gold (of course its not...wish it was though).

The design on the outside is simple and pretty..I think this is a bag targeted towards older girls and women compared to the Zoella ones, I really wish she would release more of these.

Overall I really like Fleur's range, my only gripe with the whole collection is the eyeshadows..and that's not based on quality or packaging, its just based on colours...the two quads were just way to similar.

Have your tried Fleur's range? What did you think?

Raych xoxoxox


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