Essence Liquid Lipsticks

Essence Liquid Lipsticks in..from left to right 02 Beauty Secret and 06 Make a Statement.  I bought mine in Wilko's for £2.50 each.

I really love Essence makeup, for the price most of their range is really brilliant quality, their eyeshadows and lipsticks are among my favourite things from them, I had spotted these by chance in Wilko's whilst shopping for laundry detergent!

This is what Essence says about these liquid lipsticks..

2in1. the innovative formula of the liquid lipstick unites the best of two lip pros by combining the coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. the packaging also underlines its duo-characteristics: the cool packaging of the lipgloss with a practical applicator has the appearance of a lipstick. absolutely awesome!

At first I just thought these were going to be another lipgloss, didn't think I would get much coverage from them, but boy was I surprised!

Left is 02 Beauty Secret, right is 06 Make a Statement

Same as above, left is 02 Beauty Secret and right is 06 Make a Statement.

They apply like a lipgloss, not too sticky once on your lips..I did get some of my hair stuck in it at first but that was my own fault! I was so surprised at how much coverage the red one had (06 Make a Statement) and at how long it lasted on my lips before I had to reapply (it was 3 hours).

The nude shade (02 Beauty Secret) is a "Your lips but better" type of shade, not much coverage as it is a really light nude, perfect for every day and even school makeup or just for days when you want a more natural looking lip.

So overall I really like these, I want to buy the rest of the set, there are 6 shades overall, and you and get a good look at the whole collection over on

Do any of you own these liquid lipsticks? What did you think?

Raych xoxoxo


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