Christmas Gift Alert! Zoella Two Balmy Lip Balm Duo :)

Zoella Two Balmy Lip Balm Duo £5.00 from I had to take this picture of Superdrug's website as I had opened it before taking a picture!

I have decided to do posts on some Christmas sets I am buying, so keep a look out for Christmas gift alerts!

I bought this because I love the look of all Zoella's stuff, I have given it some bad reviews in the past but I am still buying it!  I can't help it the packaging draws me in.

Please forgive me is this post is a little jumbled, I am actually on bed rest at the moment and writing this on my laptop, cant wait for this illness to pass!  I'll make this a quickie post!

Now as for these lip balms....

I like one and not the other...that's a simple way of putting it I suppose!  I love the Sweet Mint one and cant stand the Vanilla has a coral tint that just doesn't make me look good at all, it just looks so messy on me but that's the only reason, the texture and consistency is just the same as the Sweet Mint one.

Left is Vanilla Cream and right is Sweet Mint.

Now the Sweet Mint one is gorgeous! Smells like After Eights which I love and doesn't have a colour tint to it at all.  I have been using this every evening before bed and my lips feel soft and conditioned when I wake up, so this balm has been used so many times since I bought it, in fact I plan on buying the set again just to get another Sweet Mint lip balm, I would like to have more than one!

Overall this is a great little stocking filler for any age, especially anyone who loves Zoella!

Love or hate Zoella? What do you think?

Raych xoxox


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