B Sculpted Blush and Highlight Stick in Light x

B Sculpted Blush and Highlight Stick in Light 7g..£10.99 available from Superdrug instore and online

I bought this stick on one of my walks through my local Superdrug (I pass through on the school run). I hadn't actually seen it advertised, but when I was looking at the 'B is Beautiful' range, the application concept of this item looked interesting and different to other stuff I have. And it's also sooo cute (like it's been miniaturised).

It is basically a handy dual blush and highlighter in one. Creating a flush of colour to your cheeks and highlights your cheekbones in one single sweep (I admit, I did rob that paragraph from Superdrug's website) :O)

The consistency of this push up deodorant style 'stick' is really soft and spreads on skin like butter! I had expected it to be quite hard, though it has been in my hands for a good ten minutes, which that might have helped it spread better (just wanted to add that).

The blush is peachy, which is my favourite shade when it comes to a blusher. It gives me a lovely glow, makes me look rather healthy even when I'm not feeling 100%. The highlighter has barely got any glitter in, maybe just a touch. It gives your skin a luminous look, almost like i've got MAC Strobe underneath. I've taken a pic of just the highlight shade further down for you!  I really LOVE the highlight in this stick. I wish they did it alone (hint hint).

I've literally just applied this to my face, as I lost the original swatch picture applied when I was wearing makeup, so I apologise about that! You can clearly see the peachy glow it gives to my really pale skin in this pic. I think it does make me look healthier! The highlight looks so gorgeous too, really soft and luminous!!

This is the highlight when its just been applied from the stick on the left, gorgeously buttery. On the right is when I start to blend it out. It's just lovely and has such a nice shine without loads of glitter. I just wanted to show you more of the highlighter, as on the main swatch pictures you can see more of the peach than the highlight. Wanted to make sure I showed both properly.

So overall... At first I thought this could be a fad, but now I love it! I know i've gone on about the highlight more, but I do love the blush too. I cant think of much to say about the blush other than its peachy and it makes me glow :) As i've said, I just love the highlight, its brilliant. I want all the other shades of this stick now. You an get them in light medium and dark.

Have you tried this out? Love or hate I want to know :)

Raych xoxox


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