30 Days of Beauty...Day 8 :)

Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 100ml...£18.34 (currently) at Amazon.co.uk

This is the second fragrance on my 30 days of beauty list..I love all things Kardashian, I think Kim is beautiful with or without makeup.

I love the smell of this, fresh and different from all the fruity ones I have.  Its hard to describe this perfume as its completely different from any others I have smelled, and I do go around sniffing loads of bottles of perfume in Boots!

Overall this is a fantastic perfume for day and night and I do always feel a little glamorous when I wear it, the only thing that annoys me about it is the scent doesn't last very long on, so I tend to decant some into a smaller bottle and keep it in my bag.

Wish it would turn me into Kim Kardashian though when I wear it!

What do you think? Love or hate?

Raych xoxoxo


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