30 Days of Beauty....Day 6 :)

Zoella Let's Spritz Body Mist and Blissful Mistful both bought from Superdrug.com £8.00

I have been a bit 50/50 about Zoella's beauty range. Some I've loved, some not so much. But there is one thing I do love and that's the body mist! I loved the original Blissful Mistful when it came out and I adore the Tutti Fruiti version just as much.

They smell so fresh and fruity like summer, but not too strong. I know they are probably aimed at younger women/girls but I love them! I use them so often that I am on my second bottle of both. I often have people ask me what perfume I'm wearing, and their reactions are mostly..."Who's Zoella!???"

The only thing I don't like though (and with most things there is ALWAYS something), is the fact the scent doesn't last very long. So I decant some into a smaller perfume bottle to stick in my bag to give myself a top up when it fades.

So happy sharing this in my favourite things in 30 days of beauty! Got so much more to share!

Have any of you tried this body mist?? Do you like or love?

Raych xoxoxo


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