30 Days of Beauty...Day 4 :)

The Fixer Face Spray from W7 Cosmetics Amazon.co.uk £1.99

I am a bit of a newcomer to W7 Cosmetics (only just found out recently that it's actually called Warpaint Cosmetics!) But since finding them, I have bought loads from their ranges... from eye-shadows and blushers, to bronzers and skincare items. They are a brand that seems to have different items for sale in different retailers. I have not come across a site that sells the entire range in one place (yet). If I am wrong please let me know :)

Right.. this is on my '30 Days of Beauty' list because I have now been using this product more than its high-end counterpart (MAC Fix+). I always use a fixing spray after applying a lot of makeup, as I want it to last all day if I have spent time doing it!

This is direct from the bottle...

'The Fixer Face Spray sets makeup in place for long lasting wear, it also freshens and hydrates your skin with an invisible film that makes your skin feel comfortable'.

It does exactly what it says on the tin, sorry 'bottle'. I think MAC Fix+ does hydrate your skin more than this one, but for setting your makeup and making it last, I think the results are the same and the price difference is massive!  This one is only £1.99 compared to MAC's at £28!

Overall I would recommend this one to everyone. Just give it a try and I think you will be impressed!

Have your tried this? Did you love it too?

Raych xoxoxo


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