30 Days of Beauty.....Day 14:)

Boiron Homeoplasmine Cream 40g...£9.95 from Escentual.com

I have fallen behind on my 30 Days of Beauty...not been feeling very well for the last week or so and done nothing but sleep!  So I'm going to try and catch up with them today!

Right onto this cream.  I love french pharmacy stuff,  I have quite a bit of it now, been buying it loads this year, but my favourite item out of all of them is this Homeoplasmine Cream!  I have done a blog post about it before, which I have been looking for and cant find (ooops).

A lot of makeup artists use this cream as a primer on your face before makeup or on lips to soften them, I have tried this as a primer but I think its way to heavy on my skin for that, I even tried it with a thin layer and just felt way to greasy.

But I adore using this on my lips, I give them a scrub of a night with a toothbrush then apply a thin layer of this. I wake up with gorgeously soft lips!  I love to use this as a quick treatment before I am going to apply a very thick liquid lipstick, like ones from Lime Crime and Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I remove any residue before putting the lipstick on, then the formula glides on easily without clinging to dry parts, love it!

If you have very dry and chapped lips this is fantastic for them!  I have had this tube for a long time now and you do only need a small amount so it lasts for ages!!

Have any of you tried this?? Love it or ???

Raych xoxoxo


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