30 Days of Beauty.....Day 12 :)

MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream 50ml.....£24.50 from maccosmetics.co.uk

Love this cream!  My favourite under foundation highlighter as it makes your skin glow!  Use it under or on top of your makeup or both if you really want to shine.  

I tend to use it as a primer on my skin if I am going to wear a lot of makeup that day, and then take a small sponge and apply just above my cheeks as my highlighter.  It catches the light so beautifully that I have been complimented over how my skin looks when I am just wearing this alone, I do add a small amount of this to my regular moisturiser especially if I am going makeup free that day.

This is an easy item to do a quick review of because its so well known to people who love and adore makeup, that's why its on my 30 days of beauty as its a beauty product I really cant do without, especially if my skin looks dull and sallow that day, instant glow in a bottle!

You can buy this in a 30ml travel size too, which is £10 from MAC Cosmetic's website.  Handy for small makeup bags.

Do you love Strobe Cream?? Tell me different ways that you use it :)

Raych xoxoxo


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