30 Days of Beauty....Day 11:)

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Shades 1 Fair, 2 Cool Medium and 3 Warm Medium.....£4.19 each from Superdrug.com

I am so happy that I've kept up with my 30 days of beauty. I've really enjoyed going over some old and new favourites. This concealer is definitely one of my tried and trusted!

I was probably one of the last people to find out about this concealer. I was watching a Tanya Burr video on YouTube and she kept mentioning this concealer, so it stuck on my mind. So the next time I was in Superdrug I picked it up, and I am so glad I did.

Top to bottom... 1 Fair, 2 Cool Medium and 3 Warm Medium.

My eyes have very dark shadows underneath, which most people call 'panda eyes' and it takes a good strong concealer and foundation to cover them. This one does it in one! It covers my panda eyes and also any spots I get. I even use it to contour and highlight with the lightest and darker shades.  

I usually apply this with my fingers. I draw triangles under my eyes and tap it in with my ring finger. It simply gives brilliant coverage! I think you can tell how much I love this concealer by how many I own! I have it in every shade except 4 Dark, which is great as you know your skin is never just one shade (Even if Boots seem to want to make you think that).

Overall I would recommend this to everyone. It's cheap and better than a lot of high priced concealers I know of. But just need to add one more tip though... Superdrug's website seems to be sold out of it often, especially in the 1 Fair shade, so you might be better trying the store itself.

Do you love it too?? Let me know :)

Raych xoxox


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