30 Days of Beauty....Day 10 :)

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in 700 Naughty Nude..£6.99 in Superdrug

I have only had this lipstick for just over a week and I love it already.  When Rimmel advertised that they had released a lipstick that could offer good colour, comfort and make it long lasting I thought it was going to be crap!  The amount of lipsticks I have bought that the companies have said they do it all...well lets put it this way I could make a tower bigger than my house!

This lipstick delivers on its promises, its applies like a balm and stays put!  I have worn this all day and only had to top it up a few times, mainly after eating and drinking as it transfers easily.  My lips feel soft and moisturised all day and its very easily removed.

As for the colour I do love nude or barely there lipstick colours, I tend to call them "Your lips but better" shades, and this is one of them it is more on the pinky side than a normal brown nude, but its extremely wearable for all kinds of looks..day and night.  Rimmel's website says this shade is more a brown nude but I don't see it when its on me.  I could be wrong, what do you think? Pink or brown??!?

I cant wait to try out the other 7 shades! Especially the darker ones all ready for winter!  I love it Rimmel!! Truly a lipstick revolution.

Have you tried it? Or got any of the other shades?

Raych xoxox


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