30 Days of Beauty....Day 1 :)

My favourite "quickie" serum!

I have seen loads of bloggers do 30 days of beauty and I wanted to have a go, so I am starting with one of my favourite skincare serums.

This product from NSPA is amazing, they are a fantastic brand anyway and this is in my top 5 in their range.  This is a Radiant Flash Serum (on the bottle it is called this, but online it is called NSPA Illuminating Beauty Serum..its weird), you can apply it on its own or over makeup or your normal daily moisturiser, it gives your skin a "glow" makes you look more awake and healthy..well that's what I think anyway :))

So on days I am feeling my skin looks dull or drab, I put this on and it glows.

You can buy this is most ASDA stores, the price can fluctuate..at the moment it is £7.00

Have you tried this? Let me know what you thought?

Raych xoxoxox


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