Still Numb...

I never wanted my blog to become a place where I would talk about my state of mind a lot....I know my recent posts have all been about mood and how I am feeling, even though I have a huge amount of makeup to blog about, I cant seem to write about it!  Its been over a month since my last post and that post was rather depressing..

What do I say....I am trying to think of a way to turn how I am feeling right now into words and then tears start and I'm numb, I don't even know what is causing this mood change, its like someone has attached an anchor to my leg and its drowning me fast, my throat gets tight and my chest starts to hurt...and I don't know whats causing this!!  I cant think of any recent trigger or event that has sent my moods on a downwards spiral, I just want to cocoon myself and stay there for the rest of my life.

And I've done it again! Yet another depressing post of my blog that I promised myself would be full of positivity!  I am plonking my pain on other people and I shouldn't, you've come here to read about makeup not my moods :(

I just want to putting this post out I don't want anyone to think I am asking for attention or anything like that, I've just had a crying session for the past 15 mins whilst writing this and its helped!

I have also been in touch with people from the mental health charity Mind and they have helped a lot too.

I promise...I will do some happy posts very soon!!!  

Wanted to add these pics, to show a real person behind the emotions...

Raych x


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