Photoshopping Myself with PicMonkey :)

I look so weird!!!! Don't like the photo shopped eyes at all!  Love that all the wrinkles have gone though!  I am scared of me! I was a little heavy handed with it...

I have wanted to do this for ages but only got around to it today, I edit all of my blog pictures through an online picture editor called, which is mostly free, but to get the "Royale" version it has a cheap monthly subscription! By the way I need to add that this is not an advert for Pic Monkey by any means, I have been a subscriber to them for a while and wanted to share with everyone my bad photo shop efforts.

Anyway, whilst editing some of my photos I noticed there was a "touch up" I took a look..

I had to take three separate screen shots to capture all of the photo shopping tools, then shrink the picture and make a collage to fit all three on...I have overlapped a few of the tools, basically what you can see on the left column is all of the photo shop editing you can the way Pic Monkey has so so many other things on it, I just wanted to focus on photo shopping myself today.

You can add more mascara, take away blemishes, improve your eyeliner and make you eyes look really sharp!  You can even change your eye colour, add blush, fix brows, tint lips, spray tan and even cosmetic surgery tools!  Its amazing!  I am really enjoying playing with it.

Have you used Pic Monkey? What did you think??? Let me know!

Raych xoxoxox


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