Lucy Bee Organic Coconut many uses!

 Lucy Bee Organic Coconut Oil...£6 at Sainsburys, you can also buy this online from in different sizes.

I have tried a lot of coconut oil and I have been impressed with what they have done to my hair and skin..well especially on my damaged hair.  I had read that organic and raw coconut oil was the best you could get so I went looking for one and came across Lucy Bee!

It has rave reviews, I have yet to come across a single bad review for this!  It is quite expensive, well I think it is, but I did look in Holland and Barrett and their own brand was even more expensive and a few in there contained other essential oils..I wanted a pure coconut oil.

I have been using this for so many things..

First of all I want to say the creator of this oil has a website that contains all the things she likes to do with the is here

Right here is three things I do with this gorgeous oil...

Body Scrub

One tablespoon of Coconut Oil
One tablespoon of Sugar

Mix well into a "paste" like consistency, then take a small amount and rub it on your dry flaky bits, once your all covered in oil and sugar..get in the shower (be careful not to slip) and rinse, I like to follow with a light shower gel to remove but you don't have to, your skin feels gorgeously soft and because you've removed all the dead skin it glows!  You can use this on your face too and its fab, just don't scrub as hard.

Oil - Pulling

This was a strange one for me, I couldn't quite grasp how this worked, but after much research I gave it a is a short description on how it "works"...

Oil pulling, also known as "kavala" or "gundusha," is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health

I tried it 3 times a week for almost a month...what I did is got a teaspoon amount of coconut oil, put it in a mug and melted it for a few seconds in the microwave, if your going to do this make sure your oil isn't hot! I didn't check and burned my tongue because of it! So once your ready put the oil in your mouth like you would a mouth wash, just keep swishing it round your mouth.

Some websites say to do this for 20 mins and its pretty hard to do it, I could managed 10 mins initially and built up to 20. Now the difference to my teeth and mouth was quite surprising, my teeth felt so much cleaner, even looked a little whiter...I don't think it "detoxes" your body though... give it a try.

Hair Conditioning

This is by far my favourite thing to do with coconut oil, my hair has changed just using this one product.  I have flare ups of scalp psoriasis and this has been a wonder product for that too...this is what I do

One tablespoon coconut oil and warm fingers!
Lots of cling film!

I put one tablespoon of coconut oil into a small bowl and melt it with my fingers, then I apply to the ends of my hair and to any scalp psoriasis I have, I tie my hair up into a bun, then I get the cling film out and start wrapping my whole head..well not my face! I look like I have a cone on my head at this point!  To help the conditioning process along a little I put a towel in my dryer to get it nice and hot, then once I have my hair wrapped in plastic I put the hot towel around it.

Now its up to you how long you leave this on your head, you can leave it on from 20 mins or overnight..I like to leave it on most of the day as I cant really sleep with it on my head!  

I'll put it on in the morning and leave it on till 8pm, then shampoo it twice and condition as normal!  You get silky smooth hair, well worth the conehead from the cling film!

Right!  I am sorry this was a very long post, but I wanted to be through, I am in love with this oil!  I could go on all day about more and more uses for removal...list is endless!!

Have you tried Lucy Bee Coconut Oil? Did you love or loath?? Let me know :)

Raych xoxoxoxo


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