Tanya Burr Cosmetics...Eyeshadow Palettes!!!!

Just showing you everything I bought from her new range today....All available from Superdrug.com and Feelunique.com.  Eyeshadow palettes are £6.00 each.

WARNING! Long post alert..sorry!!  I am just going to review and show you swatches of the eyeshadows today, I will do a separate post on the Perfect Brows kit another day.

First of all, I did have high hopes for this range, I loved her first range of polishes and lip glosses, I am not saying I hate it or anything...just a little disappointed maybe?? You look at my swatches and tell me what you think.

Tanya released three eyeshadow palettes...Hollywood, Fairytale and Galaxy Eye Palettes....right first of all I will show you the Hollywood one...

3 Mattes and 1 Shimmer...Lovely packaging Tanya...

Okay here we go...just to note, I did use Urban Decay's Primer Potion underneath these swatches, as I always do with any eyeshadow.  I love how these shadows look in the packaging...really pretty!  The only thing I am not sure about is the payoff, I really had do go over the swatches a few times to get a decent colour, especially on the matte shades, quite a bit of fall out on the shimmer too...what do you think of the swatches????

Now onto the Galaxy Eye Palette..

This palette has so much promise when I first cast my eyes on it, the gorgeous shimmery black on its own was the reason I bought it!  I cant sugar coat this one, its crap!  I am so sorry Tanya, but this one is utter rubbish, I really wish I could go and get my money back.  That shimmery black?? look at the swatch there is barely any shimmer in it, tonnes of fallout too!

Look at the other shades, look gorgeous in the packaging and are just plain rubbish in a swatch, so disappointed! Actually as I am writing this I am getting angry with myself...I expected so much more Tanya! You look at the swatches here and tell me what you think please? Am I overreacting??

Right onto the last palette...Fairytale..

Sorry for the strange sized picture on the right, was losing the lighting so had to take this pic at a weird angle! Right as with the others, lovely packaging..the pigment of this palette isn't as bad at the Galaxy one.

You get 3 mattes and 1 shimmer...the light colour mattes are crap, barely see them at all, I know you expect that with the creamy coloured one, but the brown is basically non existent! The matte black is okay, little bit of fallout with that one and I did have to go over it a few times to get that shade on the swatch.

The only shade I really like in this palette is called Alohomora (bottom left) I really like this shade and it was much more pigmented than all the others, and didn't require loads of layers to get that shade on the swatch!  What do you all think about this one? Like it or think its not worth it????

I am a little disappointed with this range, I expected more from Tanya, there are a couple of things in this new range I really like...the Perfect Brows set is fabulous and I am in love with that, just feel a little let down over the eyeshadows.

So..what are your first impressions of this range....like it?? hate it??? Or not really bothered?  Really would love to hear what you all think!

Raych xoxoxox


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