Tanya Burr Cosmetics Perfect Brows Palette...love it!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Perfect Brows palette...£7 from Superdrug.com

I have been a little bit put off with Tanya's new cosmetics after trying out her eyeshadow palettes, which were a little hit and miss...but I am in love with this little palette here! Finally Raych a positive post on Tanya's range!

Four gorgeous shades, well pigmented and easy to apply!
The four shades are called (top row) Fairy Cake and Pebble... (bottom row) Chestnut and Hot Cocoa.

I use chestnut and hot cocoa mixed together to get my brow shade, I'm really impressed with the pigment in these brow shadows, so much more pigmented than the other eye shadows she has released and not as much fall out...when you think about it..its quite strange..

I have used Tanya's Perfect Brow palette on my brows in these pics.

The little brush that comes with the palette is actually pretty good, I usually throw out little brushes that come with palettes as they are useless most of the time! But I found the shadows really easy to apply with it, also the tweezers that came with the palette are fab, really good on those really short and stubborn hairs, especially those ones I get between my brows...

Overall...I really love this palette...well worth the price and its the best item (in my humble opinion) in her new range...granted I've not tried her lashes yet...but I really do like it, I would say it can be used even on the lightest brows all the way down to the darkest, really good multifunctional palette..well done Tanya love! I want more like this!

Have you tried this yet, did you love it like I did or think it was...meh??? Let me know!

Raych xoxoxox


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