Fudge Urban Miracle Ends...amazing stuff!

Fudge Urban Iced Tropical Cocktail Miracle Ends 75ml...Normal price £5.99..current offer price £2.97..at Superdrug

Love this little accidental find!  I do seem to find some brilliant stuff like this!  If you have followed my blog for a long time you may remember that I went through a home bleached blonde phase...which really damaged my hair, I did get most of the damage cut off but I am a little addicted to my hair straighteners and dying my hair!

I am always on the look out for new products that are for very dry, very damaged hair.  I have found that its rare to get any that do what they say "on the tin" you can get the odd product, but its rare.

Anyway before I keep going on..I was on the lookout for a serum or cream that I can stick on the ends of my hair when it was wet, to hopefully make the straw like ends look..well less straw like.  I have tried L'Oreal and Tres'Emme and a lot of other brands serums, some have worked a little, but not as much as they say they will.

I did buy this by accident, I was also looking for a gel for my eldest sons hair, and I had my youngest distracting me at the time so I just went over to the shelves that had mostly styling products on, I picked this bottle from Fudge up and didn't really read it, I just assumed it was a styling gel, went to the till and paid..got home and saw what it really was!

At first I did think of taking it back, but laziness prevailed and I really couldn't be bothered going back for a refund, so I thought to myself.."Its probably not going to work, but lets give it a shot"..and I am so glad that I did.

This product says it seals split ends and gives it a de-frizz, well it does do what it says!  I have used it on wet and dry hair, I prefer to use it on wet hair, I apply to the mid lengths of my hair all the way to the ends, I don't go near my roots. This smells very pleasant, like a tropical fruit juice if I am honest!

Now I brush out my hair and leave it naturally to dry, the difference in my ends was really a miracle, they felt soft for the first time in ages, and they actually looked like hair instead of straw.

I have applied this on dry hair, I do still like it like that, but make sure you just apply it to your ends, I made the mistake of applying it all over when my hair was dry and it made my hair quite greasy quickly.

Overall....I am in love with this cream, I am feeling my ends now and the difference is amazing, it really is a miracle for me!

Now we will see if it continues to be..I've had a few other products that have been fantastic the first few times, then lost their effectiveness..so we will see!  Have any of you tried this product! I would love to hear from you!

Raych xoxoxoxo 


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