Dark cloud has passed....almost :)

Starting to feel like myself again...well almost.

If you read my blog regular (thankyou) you might have noticed my posts have been few and far between, not for lack of anything to review...I have lots!  My moods have not been great and that on top of being burgled made my moods just collapse completely!  To anyone who does know I suffer with Bipolar Disorder..or as I have come to call it "upsy downsy crappy thingy".  Basically I suffer from extremes of mood, which sometimes isn't very pleasant..

Anyway back to what I wanted to say....Oh yeah that's it, I will be starting to blog again about my recent beauty buys over the next couple of days, I have a couple of books to review (beauty ones) too, I think I may even do another giveaway!

So anyway thanks for reading and for all your support over the last month, don't think I could have gotten through it all without all your emails and messages on Instagram...thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

Raych xoxoxox


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