Massive Fail!! Barry M Eye Shine Shadow & Glaze Palette.


Barry M Eye Shine Shadow & Glaze Palette...Limited Edition (thank god) £6.49 from

Now where do I start on this little much promise...looked amazing in the adverts I had seen...but alas I should I have stuck to my old mantra with Barry M...."Gorgeous nail polish....awful eyeshadows".

I am angry at myself for buying this!!!  I am proper ranting in my head over this...okay I'm calm...deep breaths.

The "idea" of this palette is you put the eyeshadow on, then follow with this greasy "gloss" to create a wet look.

This is the advert in Look Magazine...this girl's eyes must be coated with glossy grease!

The eyeshadows themselves without the grease are very crumbly and dry, not well pigmented at all.

To get these swatches as "pigmented" as they look on this picture, I did have to go over and over them. So much fall out, It's a shame because I really love the blue and green...

These are the swatches when you mix the shadows with the greasy gloss...they look okay...but I really don't like it on my eyes, it feels so sticky....if you walked around with your eyes closed I think it would look nice and not feel as bad...

Overall...this thing is a fad and I cant see many people using this, would love to be proved wrong though.....well maybe not!

Save your money girls, don't buy this, unless you have really dry eyelids maybe????

Raych xoxoxo


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