Primark Beauty :- P.S. Love eyeshadows and Loveable Luxuries.....

This palette does not have any names for the eyeshadows...sorry

I have been needing to swatch and blog about these eyeshadows in so long! They have been sat in a bag with all the other Primark Beauty stuff for weeks! Finally got around to sorting it out!

This was the first palette I got, its from the P.S. Love range, it was £2.00, it doesn't have any names for the eyeshadows on the back at all (sorry about that) I think that is something they really should look at doing in the near future..

The other palette from this range I have is this one...

This palette was £2.50

It has 8 shades in, all neutral colours, I have not used any primer under these swatches, maybe I should have...

Right.....This is what I think about Primark's P.S. Love eyeshadows.....they are okay, just okay...there are a couple of shades that are quite pigmented, but they seem really "chalky" they crumble quite easily when pressed in the eyeshadow pan.  

I do think you have to use a primer underneath these to really get a good colour, would I buy more....I might if I see more shades I really really love, but when I was looking at their eyeshadows, the display looked like it had been raided, there was eyeshadows that were used and then put back down, it was hard to get a untouched palette, in fact the ones I got had their brushes removed and were already open.  I think Primark should really look at this because I think it is unsanitary, they need to look at their packaging.

I also purchased another eyeshadow palette, that was a different "brand" its called "Loveable Luxuries"..

As with the P.S. Love palettes, there are no shade names.
this palette cost £2.00

Now looking at these swatches...they don't look so bad, but really...they were awful! Crumbled when touched, powdery on my skin, they smell weird (or at least I think so!) The packaging is okay, it is quite a large box for the amount of eyeshadows in it, it had a decent sized mirror in it too, but that's, to be honest, the best I can say about this palette.

I wouldn't buy any more by this brand again, in fact part of me wants to go and ask for my money back!  

Have any of you had the same experiences with either brand? (P.S. Love and Loveable Luxuries) What are your thoughts??? Would love to hear what you think x

Thanks for reading xxx

Raych xxx


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