Lush Cosmetic fight!! Superbalm versus Hair Doctor

I do have to say this.....I have talked about both of these Lush products before, I have reviewed the Hair Doctor on my blog and I have talked about Superbalm on Instagram.  Now I have tried both of these for a long time now and I wanted to compare them....Lets start with Superbalm...

£12.00 from Lush stores or online at

Lets start with the pros

This is a brilliant product for people who have really bad scaly dandruff or bad psoriasis on their scalp (I suffer with scalp psoriasis) A little goes a long way, I use a small amount and apply it right to the scaly lump that is on my scalp, I tend to leave it on for a while, at least an hour, then I wash my hair as normal and the scale is loosened or gone! That sounds fab doesn't it!  The consistency feels like a very thick lip balm! It has a strong smell that I can't really describe...earthy maybe!

The main ingredient in this is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which is amazing on bad scalps! Now time for the con's..

First of all the price!!  It is £12 for a small tin! You get 45g! I think that price is ridiculous to be honest!  I have read all the ingredients that are in this balm and I cant see how they came up with this price!

Secondly...if you have long hair...its hard to get the balm onto the scale on your scalp, if your a bloke I think this will be good, if you look at Lush's website, when you look at this product they are applying it to short hair, men's hair! Most of the product got on my hair instead of my scalp!

Now for Hair Doctor!

It is sold out on Lush's website at the moment, it costs £6.95
You can look at it here on

I have reviewed this before on my blog, which you can look at here.  So I wont go into depth about this, but I will point out the differences between this and Superbalm...

Firstly...the price! You get 95g of this for £6.95, so much cheaper than Superbalm, I get three uses out of one tub, now I cover my whole scalp in it, you could just cover the parts with scale.  You can use this all over your hair as a conditioner but I see that as a waste. The smell is very "pepper minty" sorry that's not a word! Definitely tingles on your scalp, I love that feeling, especially if you have an itchy scalp, this calms it instantly! So cooling!

Secondly....I only had to use this once to get the psoriasis scale out of my hair!, now I do leave this in a lot longer than they say on the tub, they say 20 mins...I leave it in for over an hour and a half, until it goes hard!  Now I am not recommending you do that, but I do think 20 mins is not long enough.  I use this once a week.

The cons...This has to be kept in the fridge and does have a shelf life of 3 weeks....I maybe tend to go a little over that and use it for 5 weeks! I have not noticed much of a difference when I do this, maybe the mask goes a little harder, I just mix a little cooled boiled water in it, I would test a little on your scalp before you do this though.

I hope this has helped anyone who has bad dandruff or scalp psoriasis, I know how horrible it can be, there were times I wouldn't do an "up do" with my hair because of all the psoriasis scale around my ears and back of my head!

Thanks for reading x

Raych xxxx


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