Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow

I am trying to make my blog posts less (made sense in my head, sorry) But when I get excited about a beauty product I cant help myself but go on and on.....I'm doing it now!
This was bought for me in a trip into the city with my mum, she spoils me :)) I might have hinted a lot for this...but I am sure that wasn't the reason she bought it for me :O

I had seen this on another beauty bloggers youtube channel, her name is Hollie Wakeham, it was from a vlog she made a while ago, when I saw this I knew I wanted it, its so gorgeous! its shimmery without being too overpowered, it leaves a gorgeous glow to your face, you can either mix the colours up on a powder brush or use them individually, I have used both methods but prefer swirling my powder brush around all of it.

It has a small amount of fine golden glitter in it, which really goes with the colours well, two shades have more glitter in than the two outside shades, the one in the middle of the heart is not matte, but not too shiny, I apply this to the tops of my cheeks and blend it outwards, I don't use loads of it because it would look awful then :O At first I thought this would be too "young" for me, but it reminds me a little of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose, which I also have :)

The colours are Rose, Coral and Peach, I think they suit all skin tones, I have tried this on a few of my friends and they really love it....they are not having mine!! You've been told!!

This was bought in Debenhams for £24.00

If you have this please tell me what you think?? Or do you know any cheaper dupes for this??

Raych xx


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