Urban Decay Perversion Mascara..with Subversion Lash Primer!


I had waited for what seemed an age for this mascara to come out, after I had seen Kim Kardashian's makeup artist use it on her for her wedding to Kanye West, it looked amazing on her, but we all had to wait until August to get our hands on it!!

I ran into Debenhams like a woman possessed, flew up the escalator to the Urban Decay counter and shouted "Perversion please"....looking back now I think the poor girl on the counter thought I was a mad woman!!  Didn't expect a sample of Subversion to come with it, so pleasantly surprised!

Raced home to try it out, and I was not disappointed!!!!  This mascara is fantastic, its amazing! lengthens my lashes, makes them stand out! No false lashes needed!

The wand isn't really anything special, its a normal wand, maybe slightly wider than most, but that's it.  It is a true black mascara, I have tried so many mascaras that say they are "black" but end up being not so black!  That made total sense in my head :O

This is just ONE coat! With the Subversion underneath!

I am sorry for the not so great quality of this pic, I have my baby girl following me around everywhere, not getting any peace :)
I love Benefit's They re Real mascara, but this one blows it away!  I am trying to think of more words than amazing and wonderful but that's what keeps popping into my head!!

There are a couple of cons...one is, like the Benefit mascara, it can be quite difficult to come off, but I use Almond Oil, which I can get from a shop called Savers for £1.00, I just put a little of the oil on a flannel and hold it over my eye for a few seconds and wipe, it gets it off without having to constantly rub your eyes.  I have used eye makeup remover to get this off and it was more difficult, if you can, use the oil.

The other con is weird, considering how hard it is to get it all off, I find this mascara can smudge quite a bit, especially if the weather is hot, or I am sweating, I do tend to get a wee bit of black underneath my eyes, not too bad, but I can notice it.

Even with those couple of cons, I still adore this mascara!  It is one I would recommend to my friends, family, everyone!

You can buy it from Debenhams for £17.00

Thanks for reading xx


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