My new bronzers...(and highlighters)

Hey everyone :)

This will be my first blog post after over a week, with the kids off school its getting hard to get the time to do reviews! Cant wait till they are back at school....I'm terrible :P

I have, in the last few weeks bought a few new bronzers and highlighters, I never had many to begin with, just Dallas by Benefit Cosmetics, my first Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in shade medium 31.  

I took this pic near my patio doors because the light in the house is awful today.

I got Bourjois's new Delice De Poudre Highlighter when it was released a week ago, its the same bronze powder as my other Bourjois one, the highlighting powder is beautiful, blends really well and smells amazing! 

The highlight is very fine, very sheer, but gorgeous on my skin, I am not an expert at contouring, to be honest I am pretty rubbish at it, I either add too much or too little, but this is so easy, after applying the bronzer, I take a large eyeshadow brush and dust the highlighter on my cheeks, along my nose, and I also use it underneath my eyebrows over some concealer to make them look "cleaner".  I cant help but keep smelling this as I type! Smells like chocolate and cream!  I bought this in Superdrug for £7.99 :)

This is the St Moriz one I got, I forgot to take a pic of this closed...ooops.  I would say this one is more of a highlight/glow than a bronzer, its very shimmery, has a small amount of glitter in it and goes gorgeous over tanned skin, the best part, the price!  I bought this for £3.00 in a store called Bodycare here in the UK, because I love the St Moriz tan I thought lets give this a whirl :)

Had to do this swatch outside too, this is very light, its definatly not a bronzer, more a "glow" product than a proper highlighter, it blends really well and smells rather herby! I know Ive said it before but I really love using this when I've got a fresh tan on! Skin glows!  Bodycare doesn't have a website (that's I've seen) but you can buy this at Amazon for £5.75, I would recommend looking around more though.

This is the No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer, the last one I bought, I only bought it because it was on offer for £12 and I had a coupon for £3 off No7 cosmetics!  I was glad I did!  This bronzer reminds me of a Elizabeth Arden one I had years ago, two toned, left side cant be used as a highlighter (I've tried...I'm daft).

This has a very small amount of glitter in it, but you cant really see that once its on your skin, its very silky and blends lovely on my cheeks, it gives you a healthy glow :)  You can buy this in Boots stores or for £12.00.

Light is so bad in my house I thought it would be better to swatch all these outside in the end!  This is a very soft and not too dark as I have found with some No7 bronzers, out of all the bronzers I have used on this post I would say this one is my overall favourite, based on the shade, packaging and how it is on my skin, definitely good for more mature skin too :)

Sorry this post was so long!  I do know how to ramble!

Thanks for reading x


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