I think I buy too many magazines, most are beauty and fashion related and can cost quite a bit if you get a few, I have calculated I spend about £35 on monthly and weekly magazines :O

I have my favourites, Look, Glamour and sometimes Cosmopolitan, and its even better if they come with freebies, like last months Glamour mag, loads of Clinque stuff, but everyone was after the chubby sticks, never did get them!!

So I have decided to have a no mag buy month!!  I am purposely going to put that money in a tin and keep doing that until the 31st September!!  I will then go to the beauty hall in Debenhams and get myself one item of high end makeup!!

I have been thinking about doing this for a while, I have spent so much recently on makeup and skincare items that, with Christmas coming up, I need to scale if I can treat myself to something good at the end of each month, that's an incentive!!  I have bought so much stuff recently that I have tonnes to blog about!!

Sorry if this is a depressing money saving post :(  I think I just wanted to write it so I would stick to it!

Anyone else buy too many mags????

Thanks for reading xxx


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