Little Mix Love...All About The Eyes Palette..:)

I am a huuuge Little Mix fan!!  If I am honest I would probably buy anything they stick their name on even toilet roll!  Thankfully its makeup!

I have a few other things from Little Mix's Collection...collection....that sounded totally right in my head! I have some of their glitter gel liners (meh) and all the girl's individual lipsticks, which are gorgeous!

It took a little while to track this palette down as every place I went to that sold Collection makeup was out of stock, but managed to grab one a few days ago.  What do I think??...I think they are good for the price, great little present for girly girls in your family, are they very pigmented??...ermm...yes and no, the lighter, shimmery shades require a couple of coats but saying that, it really does look lovely on, does it last all day?? nope, but you do get a wee while, I used a cheap primer and got most of the day out of it before it faded,  My fav shade in this palette is the matte black!  It's sooooo pigmented!!! I have been using it the most out of all the shades as it is so blend able and gives you a gorgeous smokey eye!  They are a little crumbly, but not really bad, and I have had really expensive ones that just crumble to bits!

From left to right :- Feather, Sunkissed, Golden Sand, Dazzling Brown, Cocoa Dream and Blackbird.

Overall I think this palette was worth what I paid... £2.99!!!  I am going to buy a few more of these when I can get them for presents for my girly girl cousins!!!

You can get this (hopefully) in most stores that sell Collection Cosmetics, you can also get it online from Superdrug here

Thanks for reading xxxx


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