My Blonde Product Binge!

I think I pretty much bought anything in Asda with "Blonde" written on it...I had a spree with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde products!

From left to right :-
Blonde Hair Repair Conditioning Treatment, Blonde Hydration Leave In Conditioner, Crystal Hold Hairspray, Colour Renew Tone Correcting Conditioner, Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo, Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo and Everlasting Blonde Colour Preserving Conditioner! (That was a mouthfull!

Might have gone a little overboard buying all of these!

I have been using most of these products since I bleached my hair to blonde, I was looking for a really great deep conditioner that was affordable in Asda and came across these, I have seen them before but because I was brunette I had no reason to look at them properly, but once I was blonde....I was gimme gimme GIMME!!

One is a deep conditioner which was what I was after, I have used this twice and I think its okay, not as conditioning as the Pantene ones, but it does the job and it has blonde written on the tub...what else would I want :)

The leave in conditioner is pretty good, it has calmed my frizz quite a bit and it doesn't smell like most leave in conditioners, they usually have a heavy coconut smell to them and this doesn't, Out of all the products I have used this one the most, I put this on of a night on my ends, and of a morning to tame my frizz so I can tie it back without looking like I've been electrocuted!

I only bought the hairspray because all of the blonde products were on 3 for £10 and I needed one more product, wish I hadn't of bought this as its crap, no other words for it, it is completely rubbish! I had dust all over my shoulders after having this in my hair for a few hours, it made my hair feel sticky and had a horrible residue on afterwards, I love the Elnett hairspray and this is crap compared to that one! Don't waste your money with this one, just buy an extra conditioner if your using the offer in Asda! Think I will throw this out!

The first conditioner is called Colour Renew Tone Correcting Conditioner, this was alright, cannot really give an in depth review as its only been used a couple of times, does seem to leave a heavy residue and my scalp was really itchy after using one of the shampoos and this, all of the shampoos and conditioners have no ammonia or peroxide, and they all have UV filters in, based on the couple of times I used this, I probably will not buy this one again.

The first shampoo is the Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo, first thing I noticed about this shampoo was the smell, it has a strong lemon smell to it, really strong, and when it was on my hair, it really did aggravate my scalp to the point I was starting to scratch and then I washed it off, my hair felt really clean after using this, no build up feel or residue on my hair, felt like it had really had a good scrub, I think, even though it makes my scalp itch, I will use this maybe every few weeks to remove build up, for that, I think its really good, I wouldn't use this every day.

Next shampoo is the Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo, I've used this once so I cant review this well, all I can say about this one, weirdly enough, this was the only shampoo that didn't make me want to claw my scalp to pieces, I have looked at the ingredients on the bottle and its pretty much the same as the other shampoo! Just weird I guess, as for the highlighting effect, after using just once I didn't really see any difference so I will be using this a lot more and give a better review about it.

The last product is a conditioner, its called Everlasting Blonde Colour Preserving Conditioner, I really loved this contioner!!! out of all of the blonde conditioners I bought, after the tub deep conditioning one, this is my second favourite and I will be buying this again!!! No residue, no weird itchy scalp, my hair was so soft and silky, my ends felt lovely and not straw like, I loved this conditioner (as you can tell)  I will be buying this again!! Its just fab!!

Overall, the Sheer Blonde range is a bit hit and miss, most of the stuff I will not be buying again, I will repurchase however, the leave in conditioner, the everlasting blonde conditioner and that's probably it, I will only be using the build up remover shampoo every couple of weeks so I think that will take a while to get through, so basically, if your considering this range, just buy one at a time, or 3 in Asda for £10, buy the conditioners first, and the leave in conditioner, try those first before the shampoo's.  I bought all of them here, definitely the cheapest!

Hope my ramble makes sense!

Thanks for reading x


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