Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review :)

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this eyeliner! Ever since I first saw it on another beauty blog I just had to have it!  So I am rather gobsmacked that I waited this long after it was released to get it!  A few days can be an eternity when waiting for a easy eyeliner :)

I opened this the second I got home and ran upstairs, didn't even put any other makeup on I was just so excited to try this,  If you, like me are all hyper about getting this one thing I would just say, you have to turn the bottom of the eyeliner to get it to dispense product, I "might" have turned it a few too many times and wasted so much :((

I would use one or two clicks per eye, that's all you really need,  it is definitely the strangest eyeliner I've ever had, the top of it is rubber and it had a tiny hole in it where the gel liner comes out, its very thin, so you can get a really fine line, or turn it on its side a little to get it wider, the rubber tip also has a slight "wedge" in it (sorry my vocabulary is crap tonight, cant think of more technical terms) which really does "hug" your lash line, now I am someone who is really awful with eyeliners, really bad, I end up looking like a ninja or a panda, I took pics of my first attempt, and for a real eyeliner rookie like me, I was impressed!

First attempt, please ignore the brows! this is probably the straightest first "go" I've ever had with an eyeliner!

Might have gone a little thick, but still amazing! (eyeshadow under eyes) I'm just being a poser! I don't look my age...honest :O

I cant wait to try this again on my next night out, think I might have a little more practise first though, have a play around with it, but it really is a amazing gel eyeliner!  Just a quick note, Benefit Cosmetics also sell a eye makeup remover to go with this, its expensive as it also removes their They're Real Mascara, use Almond Oil!  It removes it without much rubbing and its only £2 in some chemists or supermarkets!

You can buy They're Real Push-Up Liner here, and get more technical terms :)))

Thanks for reading x


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