Tanya Burr Nail Polishes :)

From left to right :-
Midnight Sparkles
Little Duck
Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You

I love love LOVE Tanya Burr, so when she came out with a lips and nails collection, I was going to buy no matter what!  I'll be honest, I didn't expect great quality, I thought Eye Candy just slapped her name on these and churned them out so I was so impressed with them when I got my hands on them!

I've reviewed some of her lip glosses in an earlier post (waay back) I have been very slowly trying to get all the shades of nail polish and the lip glosses, I like to finish collections (I'm weird) now I don't really like buying nail polish or lip gloss online unless Ive had it before, so when my Superdrug in Liverpool One started selling her range, I was over the moon, only problem was, you can never get all the shades you are after, the constantly sell out!! I have got 4 of the lip glosses and now 3 of the nail polishes, but that's it! I want more, come on Superdrug restock quicker and let me spend my money!!

The quality of the lip glosses are amazing as I've said before, I still didn't think the nail polishes would be anything special quality wise, so I was gobsmacked at how long one of these shades had stayed on my nails!  I have not had a chance to try all 3 on my nails yet but I am assuming the quality is the same for all of them, I was "wow" at how long it stayed on, I usually use CND Vinylux which can stay on a week or so, so I was surprised that one of Tanya's polishes stayed on for 8 days without a single chip :O, now I did use a top coat I need to add, but it was only a basic one that Ive had for years and the writing has worn off it. Now I am busy with kids all day and changing loads of nappies so most nail polishes never last too long, but this did.  The shade I used was Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You :)

I only needed 2 coats of the polish, followed by a top coat, the colours are really pretty in this collection and I cant wait to try the other ones I have :)  I would definitely get these, for the price I do think they are really good quality :)

You can buy them at FeelUnique and at Superdrug they are £5.99 each :)  Tanya Burr's Blog can be found here.

Thanks for reading x


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