Tangle Teezer.....Great for damaged hair!

After deciding to go blonde and damaging my hair quite a bit, I was looking at other peoples blogs about haircare and brushes that are good for damaged hair and this one came up a few times so I bought it yesterday, you may say why is she doing a review after only one day but I just wanted to tell everyone how fab this really is! on damaged hair, wet hair, kids hair, just brilliant.

When I first brushed my hair after all the bleaching and colouring I had done, it was hard to do, and I seemed to be pulling half my hair out with every stroke of the brush, and it was even worse on wet hair!

At first glance I didn't think this would work after seeing how small the bristles were, so I washed and deep conditioned my hair (doing that a lot at the moment) and did one stroke through my hair with this, no tats, no hair came out, didn't hurt, so I carried on and I think there was a few hairs in it afterwards but it was minimal compared to my other brushes, I used this on both of my boys and my youngest boy hates getting his hair combed as its always tatty, he loves this and uses it all the time now, I have to find a blue one for him.

It was rather expensive, I bought this in Boots for £10.99, but I am using this on the whole family so its not too bad.  If your hair is really damaged or you have very tatty hair or you lose a lot of hair when you brush, try this, it does work :)

Thanks for reading x


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