Poundworld "Mini" Haul

Everything in this pic was £1

I pass this store when I am taking the kids to school, I always run in for bits and pieces, mainly cleaning stuff and crisps, I am trying to stop my crisp habit :P I was having a nose around and I picked these up.

Minnie Mouse Emery Boards

I have seen loads of products with Minnie mouse on them lately, they seem to have slapped it on everything from shower caps to nail varnish and more!  I thought the design on these was a little more adult so that's why I got them, nothing much to review as they are just emery boards, but love the design!

Vaseline Blueseal Baby Gentle Protective Jelly

This smells gorgeous!!! I think it smells like baby bath and baby powder mixed together!  It alot softer than normal vaseline as its designed for babies bottoms.  I have been using this on my lips and dry patches on my elbows and its really good, my elbows are not as flaky and my lips feel very soft, but I do use alot of other products on my lips so it would be difficult to say how good this really was on them, to be honest I bought it for the smell, and to use on my baby Isabella's bum...but I might have robbed it now for my elbows, sorry Bella :)

Dermatological Cotton Gloves 2 Pack

I've bought these a few times before, I suffer from very dry skin on my hands and I use these with some very oily and heavy creams, I use these of a night before I go to bed and I wake up with softer hands, no dry patches, they are worth it.  If you suffer from very dry hands or really want to give your hands a treat or even, as I do, use them the night before your going to tan so your hands don't turn orange!  They are not great to wash to be honest, that's why I have replaced them a few times, but 2 pair for £1 is really worth it, even if you do replace them often.

Disney Princess Berry Crush Shimmer Lip Balm

I bought this for one reason......the packaging! Its soo cute, I opened it today and it smells so sweet, brings back memories of being in Woolworths (a old shop in the UK) and going to their pick n mix sweets, it smells like them, and it tastes a tiny bit like berries, just a wee bit.  As for the product, its basically just a lip balm, feels very greasy on, has a light shimmer that Isn't glittery which surprised me I thought this would be full of glitter, I might try this over a couple of lipsticks I have, just to see what its like then :)

I do love pound shops and I live close to a few so its always nice to have a mooch around and see whats there, you can get some great bargains, but you can get sucked in to buying crap too...like the lip balm :)))

Thanks for reading x


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